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Frequently Asked Questions about Photocopier Machines

Before buying photocopier machines for your business, it may help to know the answers to the following frequently asked questions. That way, you make the best decision possible for your business needs.

   Photocopier Machines and Scan Capability: Why Should You Get Scan Capability?

This is probably a good capability to look for on any photocopier machines you´re considering purchasing. Why? Because documents can be scanned to different files, to email and even to e-fax accounts. This can save your office on storage space because it will allow you to scan documents to electronic files and get rid of old paperwork.

   Photocopier Machines and Multi-functionality: Why Should You Buy a Multi-Functional Copier?

Once again, this is probably an excellent investment. Many are skeptical of all-in-one machines. But, photocopier machines have come a long way technologically. And, so have service contracts. Most photocopier machines come with a service guarantee which advises you to have it serviced automatically after a certain number of copies have been produced. Like a tune up for your car, it´s preventive maintenance that keeps it in good working order.

   Photocopier Machines and Size: What Size Machine Should I Purchase?

This will depend a lot on the speed of output you´re looking for. How do you find out about this. It´s relatively easy. The speed at which a copier prints can be determined by the numbers of the model. For example, take the Canon imageRUNNER iR3225. It will most likely print 25 pages per minute of a black and white image. This is why you want to look at speed first. This way, when you go to upgrade, you can ensure that you´re getting one that is as least as fast as yoour old one. It´s hard to adjust down in speed. Most small business owners want photocopier machines that print faster when they upgrade.

   Photocopier Machines and Color: Should I Get a Color-Capable Copier?

As technology has advanced, solely black and white copiers are getting harder and hard to find. Although they are still around, a color copier is the way to go. They are excellent for preparing for meetings and presentations, for example. And they save they color-copying expense, which can be exorbitant, when you use a copy shop.

   Photocopier Machines and Paper Trays: How Many Paper Trays Should I Get?

There are two things to consider in this area: the number of sheets that a tray holds, and what size documents you print often. Most trays hold 500 sheets of paper. Most paper trays can be adjusted between standard and legal size, for example. So the real deciding factor is do you want to keep switching back and forth when you have only one tray. Consider the types of documents you print often, and make your decision accordingly. As you can gather from this information, a lot goes into purchasing photocopier machines for your business. To ensure that you´re getting the right machine, ponder all the various factors, then choose what´s right for you.

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