Som Imaging Informatics Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001:2005 & ISO 20000-1:2011 Certified Organization

Development Process


  • Inventory your print environment
  • Annual print volume by device
  • Color printer usage
  • Life expectancy by device
  • Physical location of each device
  • Identify under/over utilized devices
  • Determine total cost of printing - Consumables, maintenance, repairs, acquisition
  • Determine areas of potential cost-savings


  • Determine user requirements
  • Develop a balanced re-deployment plan
  • Develop plan to standardize the equipment infrastructure
  • Develop a cost-effective Technology Refresh Plan


  • Implement an initial pilot plan
  • Assess the results and make changes as necessary
  • Implement the plan for all other users


  • Monitor and review on a quarterly basis
  • Cost of printing
  • Usage reporting
  • Service/repair histories
  • Consumables reporting

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